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    Liczymy do 1000!

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    Liczymy do 1000!

    227 ♨️
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    Неподдерживаемые плагины

    NPC не будет вообще, будут только актёры, поэтому FCNPC также не будет
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    For now we are using imgui that is similar to cef, for example you can draw custom images. We’re thinking about CEF, but that will be in the future.
  7. Мы также перевели наш мастер сервер на более упрощенный, статистику о серверах можно получить тут!
  8. Hello! It has been a long time since the last announcement. Now the time has come to break this pause. New natives added Note that this is not the full list: we will continue to add new natives. native ToggleVehicleVisible(vehicleid, forplayerid, toggle); native GetPlayerPoolSize(); native GetVehiclePoolSize(); native CreateActor(skinid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:rotation); native DestroyActor(actorid); native Text3D:Create3DTextLabel(const text[], color, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, Float:DrawDistance, virtualworld, testLOS=0); native Delete3DTextLabel(Text3D:id); native Attach3DTextLabelToPlayer(Text3D:id, playerid, Float:OffsetX, Float:OffsetY, Float:OffsetZ); native Attach3DTextLabelToVehicle(Text3D:id, vehicleid, Float:OffsetX, Float:OffsetY, Float:OffsetZ); native Update3DTextLabelText(Text3D:id, color, const text[]); native PlayerText3D:CreatePlayer3DTextLabel(playerid, text[], color, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, Float:DrawDistance, attachedplayer=INVALID_PLAYER_ID, attachedvehicle=INVALID_VEHICLE_ID, testLOS=0); native DeletePlayer3DTextLabel(playerid, PlayerText3D:id); native UpdatePlayer3DTextLabelText(playerid, PlayerText3D:id, color, text[]); native CreateDynamicObject(modelid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:rx, Float:ry, Float:rz, Float:streamdistance = DEFAULT_STREAM_DISTANCE, virtualworld = DEFAULT_WORLD_ID, interiorid = DEFAULT_INTERIOR_ID); native IsValidDynamicObject(objectid); native DestroyDynamicObject(objectid); native SetDynamicObjectPos(objectid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z); native SetDynamicObjectRot(objectid, Float:rx, Float:ry, Float:rz); native GetDynamicObjectPos(objectid, &Float:x, &Float:y, &Float:z); native GetDynamicObjectRot(objectid, &Float:rx, &Float:ry, &Float:rz); native MoveDynamicObject(objectid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:speed); native StopDynamicObject(objectid); native GetDynamicObjectModel(objectid); native SetDynamicObjectModel(objectid, modelid); native SetDynamicObjectVirtualWorld(objectid, virtualworld); native SetDynamicObjectInterior(objectid, interiorid); native GetDynamicObjectVirtualWorld(objectid); native GetDynamicObjectInterior(objectid); native EnableStreamerDebug(); native SetIntervalPerStreamerUpdate(milliseconds); native RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, modelid, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRadius); native TogglePlayerBleeding(playerid, forplayerid, toggle); native TogglePlayerVisible(playerid, forplayerid, toggle); native CreateExplosionForPlayer(playerid, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, type, Float:Radius); native SetPlayerSkillLevel(playerid, skill, level); native SetPlayerFightingStyle(playerid, style); native GetPlayerFightingStyle(playerid); native SetPlayerVelocity(playerid, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z); native GetPlayerVelocity( playerid, &Float:X, &Float:Y, &Float:Z); native GetPlayerSurfingVehicleID(playerid); native SetPlayerShopName(playerid, const shopname[]); native SetPlayerDrunkLevel(playerid, level); native GetPlayerDrunkLevel(playerid); Team changes We would like to introduce @KashCherry, @DoKyanon and @Alice as new members of our team. Big thanks to Alice for a huge donation! ❤️
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    Liczymy do 1000!

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    Запуск Single Version

    Закрыто. Проблема решилась установкой пакета 32 бит.
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    Запуск Single Version

    Попробуйте этот: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555
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    Запуск Single Version

    Установите распространяемый пакет https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/download/details.aspx?id=48145
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    Liczymy do 1000!

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    Liczymy do 1000!