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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! Today i want to tell you about our progress, what we've done and what we'll do! Here is list of all updates and improvements, the main feature of that update is dialogs and of course - stability. How i can't mention it :) Dialogs: As i already said - the main feature of that 0.1.3 update is fully controllable dialogs with own styles, for example every developer can do own design for his server, including the pause menu design too Sync improvements: Of course, we should have pretty well sync for all the game's objects, now we're working on the peds and we already have the results in it, while the test, we have not found any bug or lag, but still need test it together: The limits were broken: All limits were broken, now we have stable vehicle support which support more than 2000 vehicles, 2000 objects and of course 1500 players per server. That is the best result we've got. Other fixes and improvements: We love our players and we're reading every message on forum they wrote! Of course, we're working on all bugs and problems they found, here is a list of fixes: Fixed double nickname in tab (thanks to everyone who mentioned it) Fixed mouse stucking and bug with no reaction on mouse movement (thanks to @#Drunks, @Nikita | Fabyash) Fixed crash with drown vehicle (thanks to @violance) Fixed some desync problems with player disappering on connect while he is in vehicle That is all for now, here is some others unreleased stuff that we haven't announced yet. Anyway we have our Discord channel where you can talk about out multiplayer and other topics, we're waiting for you: click here !
  2. Hello everyone! We need your help with our wiki page, to create and declare all the information we have about multiplayer mode.I'm doing that game alone and i can't to it with wiki's pages in one time and we're giving a chance to become our 'Wiki contributor' ! There is one step how to become it - Just send to us a form with your information: We're waiting that applied message on our team mail team@rw-mp.net with title: 'Wiki contributor' ! Thank you, 0x452
  3. Hello everyone! Today we’re announcing first version of our multiplayer - 0.1.1 ! We’ve done a lot of hard work! That was so hard to get stable game without minimal crashes. Now we’ll tell you our updates: Actors: That is not usual actors like in SA-MP 0.3.7. Now they can drive in vehicle from A to B point. They can walk on the streets too. Controllable HUD: That is fully controllable HUD now, for example you can disable health bar or weapon icon. You can change color of any element you want! For that we’ve created simple functions: ToggleHUDComponent(componentid, enable); ToggleHUDComponentForPlayer(playerid, componentid, enable); SetHUDComponentColor(component, color); SetHUDComponentColorForPlayer(playerid, component, color); List of all elements which you can control: HUD_COMPONENT_ALL HUD_COMPONENT_AMMO HUD_COMPONENT_WEAPON HUD_COMPONENT_HEALTH HUD_COMPONENT_BREATH HUD_COMPONENT_ARMOUR HUD_COMPONENT_MINIMAP HUD_COMPONENT_CROSSHAIR HUD_COMPONENT_MONEY Synchronization: You can see our sync progress drivers, passenger, trucks and trains: First closed beta test: If you can work with Pawn language and SA-MP API you can be our beta tester. Now you need special form on our mail: Your real name / Game nickname: Your country time zone: Your skill in Pawn (with examples): How we can contact with you All forms we’ll get on our email beta@rw-mp.net with theme "Beta tester form"! We’re waiting for your forms!
  4. Hey guys! Today is the greatest day ever! We're announcing our first public beta! Everyday we improve, fix and optimize RenderWare Multiplayer. Now we want to develop it with you and add features that you request! Our forums already have ~100 active users and Discord lounge has ~20 active participants. We are becoming bigger and bigger everyday! Public beta features: Discord rich presence: This API displays the version of the RW-MP server you playing in real-time. Thanks to @AlexMaster for suggestion! Server browser and master server: Server: Native functions fixed: We improve the server too: SetPlayerMapIcon GetVehicleHealth GetPlayerHealth ApplyAnimation GetPlayerPos textdraw’s natives GetPlayerInterior SetPlayerWantedLevel GetPlayerWantedLevel SetPlayerFightingStyle GetPlayerFacingAngle Client: Fixed a radar bug with wrong width on wide resolutions Fixed a crash when an actor was trying to kill a player from vehicle Fixed actors spawning on bad coords We are working on the stability of RW-MP, and we can say that it is even more stable than SA-MP. Public beta starts at UTC 17:00, December 3rd. Join our Discord channel to stay tuned! We're waiting for you!
  5. Hello folks! Today we're announcing our first version of 0.1.x branch! Thats so great day in our history because we've started our development since 4 of July! We've made big work with SA-MP and named it RenderWare Multiplayer! As you maybe know we started multiplayer using SA-MP 0.2.5 and 0.2x code. We still love Kalcor's work and respect it! Now we’ll talk about our progress since summer holidays: Client side updates and fixes: Added colorify chat with {ff0000} codes Added save screenshots in documents folder Added widescreen support patch Added SA:MP style fonts and name tags Added timestamp chat command Fixed ping and score displaying in scoreboard Fixed adaptive fonts on any resolutions Fixed death’s reason by null player Fixed wrong OnPlayerDeath arguments of killer and killee players Negative player score in the browser will show as 0 Server side updates and fixes: Fixed crashes with invalid vehicle RPCs Fixed crash with rcon login Added OnRconLoginAttempt(playerid, password[], success); Added chatlogging variable in server.cfg Added message of vehicle number Added ToggleHUDComponent(componentid, enable); Added SetHUDComponentColor(component, color); There is some media for you, where you can see our progress and sync changes: boat sync as surf-passenger boat sync as driver helicopter sync as pilot And now some screenshots : Big thanks to @TReY and @Lemon for help! We know there is few changes and we have a lot of work to do. We have big issue's list which we will do as soon as possible! Anyway we have our Discord channel where you can talk about out multiplayer and other topics, we're waiting for you: click here ! That's all for now! If you want to contact with our team - write to our mail: team@rw-mp.net !