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  1. Hello everyone! We decided to make Open Beta Test for developers, currently that version could be unstable, with bugs. That version was made for testing and fixes dialog's bugs. Everyone can test it and tell us about all problems you got while testing. Here is a list of changes: Implemented ImGUI, made first dialogs using it DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT DIALOG_STYLE_PASSWORD Fixed crashes with drown vehicles Fixed crashes with chat and unstablility Fixed object pool and object creating, now you can make more than 255 objects Fixed annoying mouse stucking at screen corner, now we can control mouse Improvements to make sync more stable without lags Fixed bug with second 'Debug' window Fixed bug with mouse display Now you can use only one button in a dialog More compatibility with Debian 8+ (for Linux server) Some features from last announcement about that version isn't implemented yet, because that is preview. You can try to move gamemode from SA-MP with dialogs and test it here. RW-MP 0.1.3a DP Files: Client 0.1.3a: download Server 0.1.3a for Windows: download Server 0.1.3a for Linux (x86): download NOTE: You can install Linux version of server for 0.1.3a version following these instructions (don't forget to install libc++6 library) wget http://files.rw-mp.net/public/rwmp-013a-server-linux86.tar.gz tar -zxf rwmp*.tar.gz Special thanks to @Disi for help! Don't forget to join our Discord channel, where we make announcements that we don't post at our forums. Report bugs here!