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blogs 0.2 branch is in development

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Hello! :paynspray:

Our team has grown since the last release. Introducing @Disi as a contributor and @expl as a senior team member. Now we can work on more and more things faster.


Our new website is much easier to navigate than the old one.


Bug tracker

One of the most important parts of a software project is a bug tracker. We have decided to use MantisBT solution to manage our project. Roadmap: click here.


User interface


imgui will be now used in RW-MP as a primary user interface solution. Following types of dialogs are available:


RW-MP's ShowPlayerDialog is similar to the SA-MP's one.



Entity limits have been adjusted to higher values. Water level can be changed.




Debug labels (/dl) for players.



New clientside anticheat measures detect mod_sa software.

Don't forget to join our Discord channelReport bugs here! 

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Posted (edited)

0.2 won't be released any time sooner - my opinion. I think that it still needs a lot to be called 0.2 but of course with-in a short period of time and with fast updates, we'll get more features.

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