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We're happy to announce that the 0.1.2 is now a gold release! :heart:

First, we would like to thank you, because your ideas shape our project!

RW-MP 0.1.2a: 

Client changes:

  • Up to 1000 players, 2000 objects and 700 vehicles per server. 
  • Many bug and crash fixes
  • Chat input limit raised to 256 symbols.
  • Improved sync, included interpolation
  • Vehicle streamer
  • Native pause menu

Server changes:

  • Many bug and crash fixes
  • Cyrillic support to server window
  • Many new scripting functions and callbacks

RW-MP 0.1.2b:

Client changes:

  • Fixed a problem with annoying message 'Preload models'
  • Fixed problem with application exit, Discord RA had some problems
  • More improvements with optimization

RW-MP 0.1.2c:

Client changes:

  • Fixed problem with incorrect chat 
  • Fixed problems with freezes on game loading
  • Possible fix for russian language in documents path

Server changes:

  • Fixed OnPlayerSpawn callback
  • Fixed SetPlayerPos function

Thanks to all the players who tested previous releases and provided feedback! 

RW-MP 0.1.2c Files:

   Client 0.1.2c:    download

   Server 0.1.2c:  download

RW-MP 0.1.2b Files:

   Client 0.1.2b:    download

   Server 0.1.2b:  download

RW-MP 0.1.2a Files:

   Client 0.1.2a:    download

   Server 0.1.2a:  download

Don't forget to join our Discord channel, where we make announcements that we don't post at our forums. Report bugs here! :paynspray:

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IMHO, In samp 144 symbols is absoulety maximum string, I saw a lot of mods made by different childrens (from 12 to 14) that use new str[ 256 ];, in addition to this all of this mods are so ****ing un-optimized.

Anyway, thanks for release, still waiting for new releases.

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59 минут назад, MuhammadPawn сказал:

And the Linux version when will it be released? 

Sorry for my English...

Linux will be available in next releases.

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Amazing! I hope that the multiplayer will be with each version more and more interesting. Good luck to you guys! Will test it, find bugs, hope you don't tell us "fuck you" at the end of the development, as did "Kalcor".

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